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[TrafoBaseCamp] is based in Polesice, one of the most popular climbing spots in Polish Jura.

Though, Podlesice is not only a climbing mecca. You can find here:
- lots of cycling and trekking routes;
- great possibilities of trail running;
- open-air swimming baths at surrounding reservoirs (Kostkowice, Dzibice, Przyłubsko, Siamoszyce);
- easy access to the biggest Polish Jura's attraction – castles of the "Eagle's Nest" route (Mirów, Bobolice, Birów, Ogrodzieniec, Ryczów);
- ski lift in Morsko and nordic skiing routes – of course only in winter time.

[TrafoBaseCamp] Hostel offers 9 rooms for 28 people. Each room (apart from the 6-person multi-bed room) has a separate bathroom with toilet.

Additionally, the Hostel offers a social bathroom and a simple kitchen.

Moreover, the Hostel has a small conference hall with full multimedia equipment, perfect for lectures and training courses or as an emergency playground for kids during bad weather.