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[price list]

Our [hoStel] offers 24 beds divided into 9 rooms:
- 3 double rooms with separate bathrooms („Mammut”, „C.A.M.P”, "Black Diamond");
- 1 apartment room consisting of 2 double rooms and separate bathroom ("DMM", "GatoWalls");
- 3 triple rooms with separate bathrooms ("Milo", "Saltic",„[e-trafo]”);
- 1 multi-bed room for 6 people with social bathroom

- 1 night accommodation:
120 zł/ double room/night,
180 zł/ double room/night,
40 zł/person/night in multi-bed room;

We accept pets at an additional charge of 10 zł/pet/night.

The [hoStel] night starts at 16:00 (4:00 PM) and ends at 12:00 the following day. You can find all the accommodation details in the [hoStel] Regulations.

The apartment room can be treated as whole or as separate 2 double rooms with a shared bathroom. 
If needed (e.g. for a training course) the "[e-trafo]" double room can be connected with the multi-bed room.

The social part of the [hoStel] consists of conference hall with multimedia equipment and simple kitchen / dining room.
The indoor [bouldering gym] - 4,80m high, over 100m2 of climbing walls.
Entrance fee- 10zł/person
[hoStel] guests- free of charge

All prices include VAT.